The Natural Eye 2015


As an interested observer, I'd visited this exhibition many times over the years and had always been struck by the depth of illustrative skills and styles that were on show, coming away vowing to get stuck in and 'have a go next year'.

This time, with my career change well and truly underway and my excuses officially run out, I did. Although not without much umm-ing and ahh-ing about what to submit. In the end I entered six pieces and was very pleased to see that four of these had been accepted for the exhibition. These were: Curlew, Lapwings, Snipe and Wheatear.

This was the Society of Wildlife Artist's 52nd Annual Exhibition. Attending the invitation only launch show somehow made me feel quite important! Mixing amongst the assembled throng of like-minded, and hugely talented, artists was incredibly motivational and had me buzzing afresh with enthusiasm and many new ideas.

This link will take you to The Natural Eye 2015 page at the Mall Galleries website.

Richard Jarvis Wildlife Artist

Photograph at the exhibition