Ladybird Nature Series
Sizing up


2015 was a big year for me. I finally of gave up a perfectly servicable day job to turn my wholehearted and undiluted energies into combining my two big passions, nature and art, for hopeful financial gain. Or at least a modest living and a large dollop of job satisfaction.

When I look back, it is clear that this urge has been trapped inside me far longer than I care to think. It was the mesmerising illustrations of Charles Tunnicliffe R.A. that first drew me in. My parents had a terrific set of Ladybird nature books detailing the breadth and diversity of wildlife that could be witnessed all through the four seasons of the year if only you knew where and when to look. His watercolours were breathtaking. I was hooked.

In the times between that wonderful early discovery and the present day I haven't been completely commercially idle. Over the years a selection of my illustrations have appeared in publications by the RSPB and Collins. However, it has been an increasingly burning ambition of mine to take on this ultimate challenge of drawing as a way of life. And now, finally, I have...

The source of my inspiration: the 'What to look for' nature series first published by Ladybird Books of Loughborough in 1960. Which makes them just a smidge younger than me.

Richard Jarvis Wildlife Artist

Time for a change...